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SECURE Tool's MetaWork is a suite of next-generation Digital Asset management tools that allow anyone to work from anywhere, with only a mobile phone.

I am Okah Romanus Ifesinachi, from Ebonyi State, Nigeria. I joined Metawork in my quest for smart job, make money online and make changes for myself and the surrounding environment.

MetaWorker - Synesis One AI Training Consultant

Tools to Manage Digital Assets

Our ecosystem of tools allow anyone with a smartphone and the internet to Create, Earn, Own and Manage a portfolio of Digital Assets.


On-demand tools that allow anyone with a mobile phone to participate in remote "pay-per-task" opportunities, for real world companies.


Get coaching, create products access capital to build a diverse portfolio of digital assets. Own your own business and the sky is the limit.

Gaming Guild

Manage guild-owned digital assets in a variety of Web3 and  Metaverse games. Earn cryptocurrency and acquire NFTs by completing in-games tasks.


MetaWork's Clickwork projects provide access to task-based income opportunities that can be completed on your own time, from a mobile phone.

MetaWorkers earn cryptocurrency for each task they complete. Task range from training Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Live Chat agents, for globally known companies.

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Build a Business

Learn to use NFTs, Smart Contracts and 3D Printing (or additive manufacturing) and other next-generation technology to give your ideas physical form, sell them globally and own a business.

MetaWork provides product creators and entrepreneurs with access to tools that allow them to create/design, manufacture and deliver a product, anywhere in the world.

Learn more about the types of businesses that MetaWork tools can help you build.

Play to Earn Gaming Guild

Leveraging the experience of SECURE Tool Company in renting tools, as well as operating a logistics business, MetaWork applies the same business models to "digital tools" that are rented to MetaWorkers for completing income-generating, in-game tasks.

MetaWorkers also have the opportunity to jointly own digital assets (ie, an NFT) they develop and improve. Joint ownership grants them profit sharing when the asset is sold.

Our Stories

I joined Metawork because I want to earn money to help myself run some things in med school...It was actually hard starting but now it's a lot cooler. I enjoy it...

Ifeanyichukwu "Yeezy" Kingsley

 I'm a MetaWorker because I need another source of income. I don't want someone telling me when to work, so I've been building my own business.

Merlande Ferdain

I joined MetaWork because it was always my dream to work online and make money.

Gladimir Senelus

Doing MetaWork I can go to university, have money to live and I can send money back to family.

Ogechi Obinka

Work Liquidity Partners

Synesis One - AI Train2Earn

We crowdsource diverse, high quality data sets to power AI applications.  

Our partnership with SECURE MetaWork has been instrumental in achieving our data set targets for some of the world's best known brands.  MetaWorkers are consistently among our best consultants.

Work Liquidity Partners

Cantina Royale - Play2Earn MOBA

Cantina Royale is a top-down tactical arcade shooter game featuring both single-player and intense online multiplayer battles.

Cantina Royale delivers MetaWorkers a unique gaming experience with distinct game assets, an easy onboarding experience, and seamless blockchain wallet management that requires no initial investment or prior crypto knowledge, enabling more MetaWorkers to enter the realm of Digital Assets.

Genopets - Move2Earn Fitness

Genopets gamifies an active lifestyle and allows players to build a business selling digital assets, crafted in-game, to other players.

Our partnership with SECURE MetaWork has been win-win.  For Genopets, it not only brings more players to the game and adds value and competition to the in-game economy.  For MetaWorkers, it gives the them the experience they need to manage a digital asset business of their own.

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